Prayer BraceletPrayer Bracelet Online StoreA new international online store called Prayer Bracelet has opened that offers authentic Christian Orthodox Prayer Bracelets and Prayer Necklaces. Amsterdam, The Netherlands - Prayer Bracelet will be one of the few professional online store’s that will offer authentic Orthodox Prayer Ropes globally. The prayer ropes they offer are hand woven by monks and nuns from several Orthodox Monastery’s, for every knot they tie they say a prayer. This is what makes the Prayer Rope so special.The store’s online address prayer-bracelet We are glad and proud that we can offer a blessed product strongly linked to religion with a rich China Wholesale Bow Ties Suppliers and historical background.

The Orthodox Prayer Bracelet and prayer necklace have become very popular in recent years. More and more young people have started wearing them. Next to its religious value and heritage its also treated as a wonderful gift that dear friends and family members in Orthodox cultures give to each other. It means that the person that gave it to you means only the best and wants you kept from harm.Another reason for its popularity is due to fashion hype. The Orthodox Prayer Bracelets and Prayer Necklaces are also worn as a fashion accessory. More and more people are finding them very fashionable. This was first seen with rosary necklaces that young people started wearing as part of their wardrobe. Mostly when these people hear the history behind the Prayer Rope the popularity only grows.

The history of the Orthodox Prayer Rope dates back to Christian monasticism itself. Saint Anthony the Great used to tie knots in a rope to keep count of the times he was praying a prayer. Legend has it that he was tormented by the devil who kept untying the knots and thus throwing the poor Saint out of his prayer. The Saint kept on struggling until one night an angel appeared in his dreams to teach him how to tie a special knot that consists of 7 interlocked crosses that the devil cannot untie. The next day the Saint immediately started to pray and tie the special knot for every prayer he prayed and he was not tormented anymore.  It is for this reason that the Prayer Rope is still used today in Orthodox religion.

The Prayer Rope is considered to be the sword of the spirit, because prayer which is heartfelt and inspired by the grace of the Holy Spirit is a weapon that defeats the Devil”People both religious and non religious really love the mystique behind the Christian Orthodox Prayer Bracelets and Prayer Necklaces. Its one of the main reasons it is becoming so popular.Prayer Ropes come in many forms and colors. Prayer Bracelet has a broad selection of 33 knot bracelets and 100 knot necklaces in several versions and colors. Some with metallic crosses or other religious objects woven into them. They are mainly made of wool, silk or other elegant materials.The store’s online address prayer-bracelet.comAbout the company: Prayer Bracelet is a small company based in the Netherlands with a mission to to deliver the lovely Christian Orthodox Prayer Bracelets and Necklaces to people all around the world.